In 2011 Dave Martin and Jim Aitken-Ballard opened this shop with a view to turning their passion and experience into something that could provide the community with amazing artwork as well as giving themselves a business they could breathe life into! They wanted to make something out of nothing and it seems they have done exactly that.

Dave and Jim, having been friends for many years decided it was time to form a partnership and Madhouse Tattoo as you see it today was the result. Jim having owned and run a number of tattoo shops over the years had the knowledge and Dave with his tattooing ability made the perfect team to make a tattoo shop people wanted to come to time and again a reality!

They wanted to get working quickly and after having trouble finding the correct high street location decided to set up shop in the Maltings Stanstead Abbotts. This seems to have been a wise move as they have been too busy to think about moving since.

The ethos of the shop is to give you the perfect calm surroundings to be tattooed as well a no ego policy so Madhouse tattoo can provide you with the tattoo you actually want to get instead of an image fuelled by an artists ego.