Frequently Asked Questions

Q: The hottest question of all " Does it hurt?"

A: OF course it hurts, but you want me to say it does not!!! The pain is an outside pain (irritation), not an inside one (tooth ache). Anyone who wants a tattoo will be able to stand the pain

Q: Should i take an alcoholic drink beforehand to numb the pain?

A: Don’t drink the day or the day before if possible, as alcohol thins your blood and makes you bleed out the ink.

Q: Scratchers what are they?

 A: Scratchers are people who decide to teach themselves how to tattoo in their bedrooms and with or without talent, or any idea of hygiene issues, put people’s lives at risk by tattooing them. This usually ends in very bad tattoos at the least and very bad diseases, in the worst cases death.

Q: How long does a tattoo take?

A: This is not a question easily answered, we will advise everyone we tattoo how long to allow for the process. Every tattoo is different and takes different times.

Q: Why do we have to leave a deposit?

A: This is to stop our time being wasted. If you are serious about having a tattoo, then leaving a partial payment should not be a problem. It also guarantees your time with the artist.

Q: What happens to my deposit if i don’t turn up?

A: You will lose your deposit if you haven’t told us 24hrs in advance that you aren’t coming. If something goes wrong and you can't come in just call us and we will move your appointment, we will simply tattoo you another time.

Q: What happens if a tattoo doesn't turn out quite as you wanted it to?

A: The tattoo design will be agreed and colours decided upon before we start, the tattoo should always be what you wanted. If anything should change or if you are thinking something is wrong, always speak up, we won’t bite and we will always listen to your input.

Q: Do you need an appointment to discuss an idea/design?

A: No you can just walk in and talk to us. We will give you an appointment for this only if we need to take a large amount of time to plan your tattoo.

Q Is it safe?

 A: All our equipment is sterilized and then thrown away after use. Always make sure your tattooist opens fresh needles and grips in front of you, if they are already open ask for fresh ones.

Q: Can I bring in my own design?

 A: Yes, it can be anything you like, but it will need to be converted into a tattoo design. Some styles of artwork do not work well as a tattoo, but we use our years of experience to guide you with the selection of the artwork and style.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: It is impossible to quote a price without seeing a design. Custom tattooing costs according to the time involved. Larger and complex tattoos can cost hundreds of pounds, while smaller and simpler things cost less. How that works out for you is: an average small tattoo cost about £70. Names and really small things cost about £50 or less. Do not forget anything that can be put in a photo can be tattooed so there are no limits.

Q: How old must I be to get a tattoo?

A: You must be 18 years of age and have a picture ID a passport or driving licence. We do not tattoo anyone under 18 parental consent is a myth it’s still illegal.

Q: How can I pay?

A: We accept cash only. We do take debit cards for deposits however.

Q: Is it permanent?

A: Yes, but all tattoos will age. Sun, improper healing, and poor health, will affect the final results. Your skin is not linoleum, all tattoos age. How well they age depends on the size, and placement. Older tattoos can be redone and recoloured. Unwanted tattoos can be covered with a new tattoo (cover up) or removed (laser).

Q: What about healing?

 A: A new tattoo takes about three weeks to look as if it was always there, but they heal like any other scratch or scrape, in approximately two weeks.

Q: How do the colours turn out?

A: Think of your skin as a filter over the tattoo. Darker skins will mute or obscure the colour. Lighter skin will allow the colour to be more vivid.

Q: Can I be allergic to the colours?

A: It is possible to be allergic to anything, however allergies to the colours is very rare. If you do have allergies, you might want to consult your doctor, for the proper tests and for an explanation.

Q: If I am pregnant, can I still get a tattoo?

A:We do not tattoo women when pregnant.

Q: Where is the least (most) painful spot?

A: Probably the upper arm, yet it is more important to get your tattoo where you want it as opposed to getting it where it might hurt  less. If you never had a tattoo, how would you know the difference ? The most important fact is your tattoo should be fun, and part of the fun is getting it where it will work the best for you. I have never had anyone stop in the middle of a tattoo, (although everyone thinks about stopping), because the pain was unbearable.